Sensual Awakening Bellydance NYC

Invitation into the Temple of Sensual Secrets

Behind the veils
Pleasures and depth
Infinite wisdom and healing
Divine delicious intimacy
Long for you eternally
Welcome to the magic and enchantment
of the Mystery
that lives and breathes as You
As the Temple of Sensual Secrets

Bellydance: Ancient Roots and Modern Miracles

Bellydance is one of the oldest sacred dance practices in the world. Today it is most often seen as entertainment, exercise, an expression of ethnic traditions and a creative modality for emerging new art. Bellydance is also a potent spiritual practice infused with sensuality, beauty, depth and transformation.

At its core bellydance is a celebration of the creative principle. In ancient times, the feminine form was recognized to be the embodiment of the giver of life and bellydance was a way of honoring and evoking the creative force of the universe.

Sensual Awakening Bellydance is not a typical dance classe. You will enter into a space that is a re-visioning of the mystical healing temples of old, where abiding in the blessed enchanted world and relating as our highest selves can soothe our hearts and lift our spirits as we embody, empower and awaken to our Radiance.

As we embody this powerful spiritual vibrance, we can offer awakening transmission to others. We can spark each other’s latent potentials as we awaken to our own deepest selves. As we dance, layers of shame, fear, limiting thoughts and beliefs, these heavy veils of illusion, drop; revealing the shimmering multi-faceted jeweled Temple. All that is needed is a safe container, a mutually held intent, your fiery passion and a willingness to be available.

These experiences of energetic empowerment become touchstones to help recharge us as we go out into a world that desperately needs Your Unique Radiant Awakened Presence. Our hearts long for the world we deeply know is possible that are illumined in our mystical experiences. By embodying Your Radiance, your life, the lives of the people and world around you, all miraculously transform as we birth the vision that lives in our deepest hearts through all we say, all we touch, all we do and think. In this way, our dance becomes a vibrational prayer suffused with our highest intentions.

With Sensual Awakening Bellydance we hold the veils open for the Mystery to shine through, to align with some of the highest possibilities available to then embody this into the wide world.

Welcome to the vibrant, juicy, passionate and deeply spiritual path of the sexy Bodhisattvas!
The Bellydance Bootysattvas !

Sensual Awakening Bellydance Offerings

Schedule of Events
Sunday May 6
12:00 – 2:00pm

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Sunday June 3
2:00 – 4:00 pm

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Be the Temple
Ecstatic Healing Bellydance Events

For women with no-to-pro bellydance experience

Radiance and Bliss live as your deepest Self, always available in this eternal moment. Yet this Mystery behind the Veils of illusion, those hard earned and even harder released habits of separation and fear, can not be forced or bullied open. In our busy NYC lives, there are few opportunities for the sensitivity, availability, safety and permission for the Veils to part and reveal your Radiant Jeweled Self within the Temple of Sensual Secrets.

Be the Temple is emotional depth, juicy enlivening and spiritual nurturing for all New York City Warrioresses and serves as an introduction to the transformational healing power of Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance.

May 2018
Tuesday in Studio
6:30 – 8:30 pm
May 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29
Sunday Online
8:00 – 9:00 pm

one Be the Temple
(May or June 2018)

$ 170 (before April 22)
$ 200 (after April 22)
Limited to 5 Women

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November 2018
Thursday in Studio
6:30 – 8:30 pm
November 1, 8, 15, 29 & December 6Sunday Online
8:00 – 9:00 pm

one Be the Temple
(November or December 2018)

$ 200
Limited to 5 Women

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Welcome to the Temple

This is the foundational course and prerequisite for all other Sacred Bellydance events and series.

5 week series to awaken, deepen, empower and cultivate energetic fluency, receptivity and transmission

Whether you are new or old to bellydance, this course is an invitation into the mystical potentials and to the infinite wisdom of your body as The Temple of Sensual Secrets.

We will explore the eloquent vocabulary of the Sacred Shapes of bellydance to raise our vibrational intelligence, to release tensions and rejuvenate at the infinite Source. The Sacred Shapes of Bellydance awaken us to universal energies and are similar to energy cultivation practices such as chi gung, tai chi or yoga. You will feel those energies rise up from inside the depths of your own being and together we will discover how these potent shapes hold those energies between us as we dance together.

Our curriculum includes:
  • The Inner Lovers – the Sacred Shapes of Bellydance
  • Beholding – the power of intention, attention, openness and willingness to be moved
  • Vibrational Intelligence – music, movement, rhythm, emotional fluency, physical health, the Shadow and the art of getting out of our own way!
  • Bellydance Creation Story – an experiential model of emerging self
  • The Power of Ritual and the Origins of Performance
  • Transmission – The Dance of the Bee
  • Dedication – for those called to this dancing path you will have an opportunity to commit with heart, body and Soul to the Temple of Sensual Secrets and to her unique Goddess Temple Keeper
The Beat and the Breath

5 week series continuing from Welcome to the Temple to deepening energetic fluency, receptivity and transmission. In addition, we will work deeper with integration of shadow to embrace the totality of our unique expressions while reducing unnecessary suffering for ourselves, each other and all that touches us.

Our curriculum includes:
  • Dances of Vibrational Intent- How we heal, what is healing and how does dance heal?
  • Resonant Temple – Voice, Drumming and Rhythms
  • Shape Shifting – how we are shaped by our worldviews and how to move beyond limiting habits
  • Making Love to the Dark – how our unconscious creates our reality and how conscious engagement with our Shadow liberates
  • The Ecstatic Wave and Infinite Bliss
  • Serpentine Kiss – Transmission- The dance of the snake
Contact Tara for More Info
The Shimmer Series

5 week series continuing from Welcome to the Temple to deepening energetic fluency, receptivity and transmission. In addition, we will work deeper with our relationship to our Radiance that shatters post modern angst to empower, inspire and embrace life with passionate equanimity.

Our curriculum includes:
    • Abiding As Radiance: How we heal, what is healing, how does dance heal?
    • The Shimmering Worlds – Elementals and the living enchantments that sustain us
    • Shape Shifting – how we are shaped by our worldviews and how to move beyond limiting habits
    • Transmission – Unveiled Mystery- The mystery is always there and longs to be beheld, but hides from plain view. In this class we are guided to co-create the perfect environment for our radiant true selves to shine through.
Contact Tara for More Info
1001 Ecstatic Nights

1001 Ecstatic Nights are dedicated to our emerging highest expressions. We need more sacred opportunities to explore the expansive possibilities of the Living Temple that can hold the spontaneity, surrender and safety that welcome the miraculous.

Energy is wild. Healing is wild. Life is wild. Let play safe, but not tame the wildness.

Sample evening experiences include:

  • Meeting the Beloved- Evenings of Healing Delights
  • The Cosmic Womb Meditation
  • Contact Tara for More Info
    The Bootysattva Path

    For graduates of Welcome to the Temple. This yearlong program includes the Beat and the Breath, The Shimmer Series, instructional video classes, as well as an annual week long immersion.

    Details coming soon.

    Our curriculum includes the above course topics as well as:
    • Make Love to the Darkness – Embrace All
    • Dedication – The vow to the highest
    • Queen of Hearts – Autonomy, compassion and attachment
    • Honest Hips – Responsible use of sexual energy
    • Dancing the Void – Wise use of will