Sexy Sacred Witchy Fun

A sparkly, juicy & powerful mystical path that LOVES women!

I’m Tara Star Dancer 
Your friendly, web-weaving, salty, Taoist, bellydancing witch!
And I teach empowerment through spiritual embodiment. 
SEA Sessions

Sexy Sacred Witchy Fun is based on my most profound mystical experiences and is a potent combination of several powerful ancient traditions such as bellydance, tantra and shamanism, as well as modern modalities, including emotional release and somatic experiencing.

Sound like fun? It is!
My life is a complete magical carpet ride of deep pleasure, creativity and ecstatic awakenings that I could of never imagined.
Sounds scary? You aren't alone!
I share my own shaky knees story here. And how true growth will rub up against all our hidden limiting beliefs in ways that may sometimes feel terrible, but yet soooo good.
How's that for honesty?
Emotions and feelings are raw fuel for your transformation and we will play, safely, compassionately and flirtatiously, with this transformational fire.
Our tears, our rage, our sexiness, our wildness, our little girl, our batshit crazy lady in the attic, our ups and downs of life, are not pushed into shame or denial.
They are celebrated, expressed & integrated so we can have access to their intelligence and the massive energy they hold.
All within the cauldron of bigger love and compassion that can embrace all.
Call Her Goddess, Divine Feminine, Cosmic Womb, Infinite Heart.
She is ruthless with Her Love.
And we recognize that this bigger love and compassion that embraces all, is also us!
We figuratively make love to ourselves, as our highest Self.
This is a tantric path.
I also explain about the commonly held misconceptions about both bellydance and tantra.
This path includes bellydance and much more.
SEA is women's empowerment drenched in sacred pleasure, sensuality, exercise, sisterhood, shadow work and energy witchery.
It is my delight to offer women's events and classes, as well as online and in-person Shamanic Healing SEA Sessions, to spark and nurture the Sacred and the unique expression that is you.
Love, Tara Star Dancer

Together we create a world that radiates with sacred sensuality & liberate our unique brilliance as women.

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A Modern Re-visioning of the Healing Temples of Old

Inside every woman is a radiant dancing goddess!
Welcome to Bellydance for art, fitness, emotional wellbeing, women’s culture and spiritual growth.

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What Women Are Saying About Tara and SEA

Tara’s work is magic. She’s so sensitive and attentive. Just her attention is healing. I felt so seen and honored. There’s this amazing thing that happens, like a door opens into a shimmery world. I’ve had waves of energy coursing through me and the room feels alive. Tara is like having a fairy godmother, but she’s so down to earth and funny too!
S.P. – U.K

SEA Sessions have helped me with my anxiety. I have space now between feeling a feeling of anxiety and not being defined or bullied by the feelings. It’s so freeing! Like knowing that the sun is always shining, even when there’s clouds. 
P.H. – USA

I’ve done a lot of yoga and I just felt like the feminine was missing with it and in my life in general. (With SEA Sessions…) something wild, alive, sexy, fierce, tender and sacred is given full access and I’ve found places of bliss and ecstasy I never knew possible with my clothes on! LOL!
Tara is the real deal and SEA Sessions is like Goddess therapy. 
M.N. – USA

Delightful! SEA Sessions have showed me ways to embody the Divine I had never considered. The fun!  Tara adds so much to the spiritual teaching world with embracing sexuality rather than suppressing it and with her insights, warmth, groundedness and HUMOR! 
D.F. – USA

I haven’t cried in years and the dance with veils let me be myself and release. Being in my sexuality and life force nurtured the feminine in me, from within. It didn’t matter what my “outside” age was, or my size. It feels like it brought me back to who I have always been.
M.C. – USA