Bellydance and Magic

Our unconscious runs our lives. Those hard earned habits. Those early learned beliefs. Inner glass ceilings and invisible fish bowls.

A reality made of hidden words sunk into our bones, blood and marrow, these are the “spells” that form a system of programs of beliefs and conditioning. Some spells are helpful and useful. Others steal our energy and vitality while limiting our lives unnecessarily until we can see them. We live within spells that are personal, cultural and ancestral. We also have biological proclivities that we may enjoy and yet also bring more awareness to their healthy expression.

The biggest spell we live within is the current paradigm of separation that underlies the socio-economic-political systems and consumer culture of the Western world. This spell replicates like an invisible virus, yet we see and experience the painful effects worldwide.

Transformation and “magic” happens when we can see the spells that bind us and engage in a conscious relationship with them, while holding an intention to be open for the highest possibilities available. Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance (SEA Bellydance) is a dance of vibrational intent sparked from within, guided by an infinite inner wisdom in a recognition of our relationship with all, to shake up and polish off habits and reveal our unique radiant expressions.

You are this Radiance that lives and breathes as the Temple.

The vision for SEA Bellydance is to support and empower us all as Living Charms- embodied, sensitive, empowered, articulate and magnetic jewels charged up with the highest consciousness available and shining with a vibration that dis-spells inner and outer illusions with all we do, say and touch.

Shall we dance?

Be the Temple Event on December 3 NYC

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