In 1996, I saw my first bellydancer and my life was forever changed.

Like in a movie, time stopped. The room disappeared and there was nothing but the dancer and the dance. Something deep was transmitted that at the time I had no idea what it was about, but it was so evocative that I was compelled to study bellydance like a moth to a flame. For a year I practiced and studied 4 hours a day. Then my teacher started to get me shows and one thing let to another.

I’ve since performed over 1200 shows and lived in exotic Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and now New York City.

What was transmitted in that first experience with bellydance was an initiation into the mysteries of embodied awakening. Some may call it the Divine Feminine or the Goddess or Kundalini Shakti. All these names refer to an energetic wisdom of the body, an inner spiritual wisdom, healer and guide. It is the vibratory awakened intelligence that is the animating force of life and evolution itself.

My life since then feels like a magic carpet ride. From growing up on a dairy farm in rural Canada, to performing internationally as a bellydancer and now putting all the energy, experience and dedication of a successful artistic career into sharing the transformational essence of this powerful dance, I am honored, blessed and inspired to create opportunities for Sensual Embodied Awakening with Sacred Bellydance.

Welcome to the Temple,

More About Tara

It was her studies in women’s spirituality and alternative healing that led Tara Star to Belly Dance and to some of the most powerful and transformative experiences in her life. Re-claiming the sacred feminine and masculine and assisting others in their growth and healing are the underlying motivations for her performances, studies and teaching. Re-claiming and re-creating our human culture, a culture based on our inherent goodness, not on fear or past wounds, is her driving force and passion for the planet and beyond.

From rough and tumble beginnings on a dairy farm in rural Canada to bellydancing around the world and now teaching embodied awakening, Tara is living proof of the transformational powers of bellydance.

In 1999, Tara took off from Canada with a backpack full of bellydance costumes, a drum and two books. Ten years later, she’s been homeless in Hawaii, eaten bugs with Hill Tribes in Thailand, bellydanced for royalty in Malaysia and fallen deeply in love in India. Yes it sounds like “Eat, Love, Pray”! Glamour and Grit are her two best girlfriends.

As a performer, Tara Star bellydanced in 5 star venues in exotic Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, performing for royalty, heads of state, weddings, TV shows and celebrities for over 11 years. She has also taught numerous workshops and festivals worldwide. She has trained extensively with Jehan Kamal and sources Yoga, Tantra and Taoist practices to create an exciting class for body, mind and spirit.

Tara has bellydanced for 20 years and performed in Canada, USA, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Bangladesh. She has produced over 30 variety belly dance shows, taught several International bellydance workshops, produced over 70 world music dance events and performed approximately 1200 bellydance shows to date, with some of the best bellydancers and musicians in the world. Tara is well-respected as an artist, performer, teacher and costume designer.

In Hawaii, she produced the highly acclaimed Gypsy Spirit at the Iao, highlighting the journey of dance along the Silk Road. She bellydanced on numerous Thai TV programs (VIP) and on India’s Funjabbi Chak De. She was the featured tantra and bellydance teacher for the CTV Travel reality show, The Pleasure Zone, filmed in Rishikesh at the #1 rated Ayurvedic retreat in the World, Ananda Spa.

Also in India, Tara was the main choreographer, costume designer and dancer for the 8 Wonders of the World Food Festival, at Taj Green Cove in Trivandrum, creating variety shows representing seven different countries. She has bellydanced at the US Embassy in Mumbai, in prestigious 5 star hotels, in ashrams, for Buddhist monks, funerals, weddings, baby showers, birthdays, on beaches, for nudists (while on a whale watch!), for corporate events and with several Indian stars.

Tara has a BA in Mass Communications with a focus on Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Ottawa. She has been active in the International peer support group, Co-Counseling, since 1994, which gave her insights into the challenges and dreams of people around the world and she uses the principles of emotional release to make her classes a truly healing experience.

Tara now lives in New York City and continues to travel for performances, business and adventure.