Awakening the Lovers
Transformational Bellydance Video

Do you long for a spiritual practice that is deeply sensual and empowering to you as a woman?

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Awakening the Lovers Video Includes:

  • Anchoring as the Infinite SEA Meditation
  • Syren Song
  • Gratitude Warm Up
  • Aligning to the Highest Wave
  • The Lovers Heart
  • The Lovers Hips
  • Transformational 20 min Daily Practice

Purchasing will grant you access to the full 1 hour Awakening the Lovers – Transformational Bellydance Video.

I am happy to announce the release of my first video course and is available for immediate download.

Awakening the Lovers is an introduction to the healing and transformational power of Bellydance that is both simple yet profound. It is a movement practice that you can do over and over to empower, awaken and release unnecessary habits of body, mind and emotion to be freed into abundant energy, vitality, creativity, self-love and health. This video is for women of all ages and sizes, with no-to-pro dance experience that you can follow at your own pace.

Awakening the Lovers is perfect for women who:

  • Have a current meditation practice, but would like to add a more physical component that honors and celebrates a woman’s particular access and experience of the divine.
  • Are new to spiritual practice, but who love dance and would like to marry the two.
  • Need to recharge and take some time for awakened self-care to be even more radiant expressions of empowerment in the world.
  • Are sensual and passionate dancers deep inside but in hiding and yearn for a safe space to explore and express themselves more fully.
  • Longing for more sensuality, a sense of belonging on this planet and access to the unique Mystery that lives in your experience of life.
  • Crave relief from self-concern and constant self-criticism and feel that life could be much bigger and juicier!

The first 40 minutes is a detailed experiential teaching that includes a meditation and a warm up expressing gratitude for who you are right now, as a living facet of the divine that learns, grows and evolves in conscious relationship with life. The Sacred Shapes of the Lovers are also explained and danced in detail.

The last 20 minute is a condensed practice of the above that you can dance a couple of time a week or daily.

How to Practice with this video

Ultimately you will feel how best to practice with this video.

For your first time dancing with this video I suggest is that you give yourself 45 minutes. Then dive right in to the 40 minutes of practice followed with 5 minutes of rest, sitting meditation, writing or drawing. 

Welcome to a spiritual path full of passionate equanimity. Where we embody a love so fierce and so compassionate that limiting beliefs of body, mind and emotion melt away to free you into abundant energy.

You are free!
Your essence is love and bliss!

Whether you feel it right now or not. Regardless of how you look or think about yourself.

And even if you don’t practice this dance!

Free, love and bliss is what you already are. Yet we are habituated to see ourselves and relate to ourselves, each other and the world as much less.

Awakening the Lovers is a fun yet deep, sensually embodied practice to support us in cultivating a deeper recognition of who and what we really are. 

In this hour long class you will learn how to access your body’s wisdom to release unnecessary habits of body, mind and emotion and be freed into currents of enlivening energy with the transformational and healing power of The Lovers.

The Lovers are two of the Sacred Shapes of SEA Bellydance and a living language of energy transmission. 

The Lovers shake up hidden beliefs and patterns that are literally right below the surface, releasing hardened habits of shame and unnecessary tensions as well as toning up areas of body, mind and emotions that are needing strength, conviction and courage.

As the Mystery dances Herself awake!

Awakening the Lovers is an invitation to the spiritual and healing powers of bellydance that you can practice at home, at your own pace. 

Everyday is a different dance. Every moment a new opportunity emerges. 

I wish you many delicious empowerments and profound openings into the depth of the SEA of love that is You!

Love, Tara

Bellydance: Ancient Roots and Modern Miracles

Ancient Roots

Bellydance is one of the oldest sacred dance practices in the world. Today it is most often seen as entertainment, exercise, an expression of ethnic traditions and a creative modality for emerging new art. Bellydance is also a potent spiritual practice infused with sensuality, beauty, depth and transformation.

At its core bellydance is a celebration of the creative principle. In ancient times, the feminine form was recognized to be the embodiment of the giver of life and bellydance was a way of honoring and evoking the creative force of the universe. 

Modern Miracles

Awakening the Lovers is not a typical dance class.

We will explore the simple Sacred Shapes of bellydance to raise our vibrational intelligence to release tensions and rejuvenate. The Sacred Shapes of Bellydance awaken different aspects of the universal energies and are similar to energy cultivation practices such as chi gung, tai chi or yoga. You will feel those energies rise up from inside the depths of your own being to embody the ecstatic union and dance as the Source before the primordial unity with nature was split. You will feel the power of the Mystery evoked through the dance and you will find yourself swimming in the currents of life that animate the world.


More about Tara Star

As a performer, Tara Star bellydanced in 5-star venues in exotic Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, performing for royalty, heads of state, weddings, TV shows and celebrities for over 11 years. She has also taught numerous workshops and festivals worldwide. Even more