Slip into your Crystal Catsuit ~ Protection for Empaths & Other Sensitive Souls

If you are sensitive or an empath, navigating through the world is intense. You feel people’s stuff all the time, even stuff that they may be oblivious to.

It’s hard to put a finger on what’s going on. “Is it my stuff? Or his or hers? Or the moon? Or some other planetary wiggle?

With our human family, the fastest way to find out and break out of the dizzying loops of murky feelings, is simply to ask, “It seems that you are _____ (i.e. angry, freaked out, worried, or other)? Is this correct?”

Then as they look inside, their energy comes closer to them, relieving the pressure off you for a moment as they search themselves.

In that moment, you get a chance to notice how you are actually feeling and can take a big breath to re-center.

Another way to take care of our healthy boundaries are intentional energy protection practices.

Being part magpie, part fairy, part mermaid and a bellydancer, I love to dress up in a Liquid Crystal Catsuit.

So just like wearing oven mitts protect us from bubbly hot stuff in the oven, this daily practice both protects us and gives us feedback about healthy boundaries, as we dance about our lives.

It takes a minute! 

You can read through these simple instructions then do the practice after with your eyes closed.

Liquid Crystal Protection Practice

Imagine a liquid crystal pool in front of you. 

This pool is a symbol of the blessed Mystery.

She is the perfect temperature for you to feel both relaxed and alive.

See your self step in and deliciously submerged.

Breathe in. Sigh. “Aaaaah”

Breathe, wiggle and stretch to welcome Her delicious waters to penetrate you completely and release unnecessary tensions.

Notice as soon as tension is released, BLISS comes rushing through. 

Be greedy and drink up this Bliss.

Drink! Drink! Drink!

As full as a blissed out Honeybee, emerge from the pool covered in a 360 living, vibrating, liquid crystal skin.

Like a sparkly sexy catsuit! 

Every day is a different color!

What color are you?

Notice what happens when you smile.

Take a breath and feel yourself fill up this Crystal Body, imprinted with the Mystery and Radiant protective autonomy.

Step out into your day, refreshed and dressed up to the nines!

You may notice how this Crystal Body will change and respond to the world. 

If at any point you see your Crystal Body get thin or cracked, in that moment – BLING !

See your Crystal Body strong, shinning and breathe into that. 

I hope you enjoy this simple protective practice.

Love, Tara

Your body holds the Mystery and She is You. 
Find what touches your soul and nurture Her

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