Infertility & The Angry Womb – Ride A Pink Pony into Vibrant Health

Infertility and the Angry Womb! Ride A Pink Pony into Vibrant Health

I woke up thinking about infertility among our human sisters. I’m in a course with the brilliant Kasia Urbaniak so my thoughts here are combining her recent teachings plus my shamanic, TCM and bellydance training.

I’m seeing this symptom, infertility, as the brilliance of the female body exposing and externalizing our hidden conditioning.

Not just what we’re eating or genetics or environmental pollution, but also the last 50 years of intense cultural shift for western women.

For the last 1000 years the best chance women have had to thrive has been to marry well. And marrying well has come with the conditioning of marriageable girl or the The Good Girl.

The Good Girl- She’s not too smart, not too dull. Doesn’t ask. Makes do with what she is given. Pleasant. Doesn’t rock the boat. Always sexually available, but only to her sanctioned partner.

In the last 100 and especially 50 years, which is a tiny speck of our human history, we’ve made tremendous leaps and bounds as women have been literally pushing their way into the workforce and politics.

So the Good Girl is still there but she has a new face, The Independent Woman. She goes for everything a man can, but she does it ALONE.

The Independent Woman still doesn’t ask. She is tired, burnt out and sees men with less training and experience get better wages and opportunities.

Then when we get our periods, hormones put a magnifying glass on our festering RAGE! But we still have to get shit done, so we stuff this RAGE down, pathologize it as PMS, take pills and push it all down. All the while beating ourselves up for feeling crazy and “irrational”, that we have to keep this CRAZY under wraps so we can function (as men conditioned by the patriarchy function) in the world.

Here we are frustrated, angry and still muzzled. A breeding place for stagnation, frustration, tightness that is first hot and then turns cold.

Our bodies house organs. They are the deities in our body temple theater.

The stars of the current play.

The Angry Womb

The Stagnant Liver

The Fried then Frozen Kidneys

The Frustrated Gall Bladder

Sounds infertile to me.

There is no pill for cultural change. There is no pill to create a new paradigm.

Infertility and the other diseases currently plaguing us won’t be cured with a pill, or organic diet or positive thinking.

Culture needs to change. We need a new normal.

We need to find the ways to express our deep, dark voices to clear the charge. Dance them out. Sing them. Scream them. Write them.

As well as places that can hold our bliss and ecstasy! So that the life force has more access to us individually and in groups.

And as women we need to ask. To play with asking. Get our juices flowing. Web weave.

Any kind of ask. Practical. Outrageous. Vengeful. Flirtatious.

Create an asking practice – 10 asks a day and write them down.

Start with. “I could ask ________ for a PINK pony.”

And see where the ride takes you.

Healing is wild!

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