Maybe we aren’t tired – Awaken as the SEA of Ecstasy

Maybe you’re not tired.

I was recently at a women’s event where it was clear that it wasn’t tiredness we were suffering from, but the exhaustion of habitually squashing down our power, bliss and zest.

As humans we are an expression of energy in a verisimilar pattern, meaning we look a certain way and behave in pretty much prescribed ways, but it is not necessarily the whole picture or close to the truth of who we are. So then we operate as and within a world that is held together, another verisimilar appearance, by our shared beliefs that are mostly invisible. The analogy could of a clear gold fish bowl that we swim around in mostly habitual ways. Bob, bob, eat, poop, bob. It’s survival and some people have fancier bowls than others, but it is still much much less than what is available. This gold fish bowl is actually bobbing in an infinite sea of creative potentials and ecstatic energy that is right there. Can you feel it?

Tai chi, chigung and yoga all aim to release and purify us from our habitual holding patterns and to free us into greater energy. Acupuncture and massage as well as many other bodywork do the same. Meditation is also a very powerful way to witness and release patterns. SEA Bellydance operates in a similar way.

In SEA bellydance we create opportunities to slip past the glass confines of the bowl to be available for other waves and currents of energy. To sweep us into fresh and enlivening possibilities that are beyond our normal ways of relating to ourselves, each other and the world.

We explore inspired metaphors, conscious dialogue and shake up our “normal” with the potent movement vocabulary of the Sacred Shapes of bellydance. We hold a passionate intention to be available for the highest possible expression and co-create a safe mutually held space of deep recognition as divine reflections living as all this shimmering world.

So then the hidden patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviors, bubble up to the surface where we can consciously see and relate to them. Yet we don’t identify as the limitations or habits, but stay anchored as and in the infinite SEA of love that embraces all. So there is a kind of friction, a cognitive dissonance, that melts the glass and pops the corks and frees us out of habits. And what’s there? Ecstasy. Infinite energy. Worlds of vibrational medicine and beauty that nourishes the soul.

So maybe you’re not tired.. Maybe the ways we are taught to live and behave and see the world is exhausting. Maybe we are using up all our energy to try to hold back the flow of life force. We are so much more than we are normally allowed to be, and more anyone can imagine.

I’d love to invite you into the SEA to relate in this precious space, to sing and dance new possibilities into existence.
Be the the Temple is an introduction to the Ecstatic healing path of SEA Bellydance.

Our next event is Sunday March 4.

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