Be the Temple ~ NYC ~ Bellydance Ecstatic Healing




Next Be the Temple NYC September 2
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Sunday September 2 
12:00 – 2:00 pm
In Manhattan – Location given upon registration

For women with no-to-pro bellydance experience

Radiance and Bliss live as your deepest Self, always available in this eternal moment. Yet this Mystery behind the Veils of illusion, those hard earned and even harder released habits of separation and fear, can not be forced or bullied open. In our busy NYC lives, there are few opportunities for the sensitivity, availability, safety and permission for the Veils to part and reveal your Radiant Jeweled Self within the Temple of Sensual Secrets.

Be the Temple is emotional depth, juicy enlivening and spiritual nurturing for all New York City Warrioresses and serves as an introduction to the transformational healing power of Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance.