Be the Temple ~ NYC ~ Bellydance Ecstatic Healing


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Location : Midtown Manhattan
(address given upon registration)

Fall in love with your self and life through ecstatic and powerful healing SEA Bellydance !

Dive into the delights of our bodies and be swept into the radiance of our true selves.

For women with no-to-pro bellydance experience

Radiance and Bliss live as your deepest Self, always available in this eternal moment. Yet this Mystery behind the Veils of illusion, those hard earned and even harder released habits of separation and fear, can not be forced or bullied open. In our busy NYC lives, there are few opportunities for the sensitivity, availability, safety and permission for the Veils to part and reveal your Radiant Jeweled Self within the Temple of Sensual Secrets.

If your soul longs for a spiritual path that merges a passionate duet of sensuality with deep reverence; of raw archetypal Goddess wildness with heart opening surrender, Be the Temple is an offering to your deepest self.


Your body is the Temple for the Mystery to dance Herself awake!

Be The Temple is spiritual awakening and women’s empowerment event based on the healing and shamanic roots of bellydance. You are welcomed to join whether you are an experienced dancer or have no dance training.

Be The Temple is emotional depth, juicy enlivening, and spiritual nurturing. This event serves both as an introduction to the transformational, ecstatic healing power of Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance (SEA Bellydance) and is also a delicious recharge us to shine ever more brightly in the world.

Video about SEA Bellydance


For this special event, all women are welcome. No experience necessary, only the desire to reconnect with your deepest self, to explore the Mystery and share with others in an intentional circle of spiritual intimacy, trust, and support.

Be the Temple is participatory and interactive. We may be sharing conscious dialogue, healing touch (i.e. shoulder massage), simple movement and bellydance.

With sensitive guidance and inspired narrative, embodied awakening guide Tara Star will invite us through mystical doorways that we will hold open with our intention for the imaginal realms to appear. The intention is to be available for the Mystery beyond the veils of illusion to dance us awake so we may be swept into the intelligent ecstatic healing life force energy.

We will begin with some gentle guided movement and a relaxed inquiry into the deep well of wisdom that lives and breathes as the body Temple. We’ll dance with veils to explore the many faces of the Feminine and to invoke transformation. We’ll dive deep into an experiential meditation to anchor into infinite potentials, to embody the passion of the life force and follow with a touching gratitude warm-up dance.

We will then continue with a movement ceremony that will include inspired dialogue and an in-depth exploration of the Sacred Shapes of SEA Bellydance. These shapes raise our vibrational intelligence to release habits of body, mind, & emotion, allowing us to rejuvenate in currents of bliss. The Sacred Shapes of Bellydance awaken different aspects of the universal energies similar to the energy cultivation practices of qi’gong or yoga.

A dance of embodied empowerment will follow, as well as some rejuvenating rest. We’ll end our time together with some tea and vegan treats enjoying some relaxed socializing and connection.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: There will be incense and aromatherapy oils used. We will also periodically be sitting cross-legged on floor cushions.

This work is sacred, so please consider how you may arrive in a way that will honor your own sense of divinity. Come dressed comfortably, fresh and in a spirit of welcoming the highest potentials for yourself, for one another, and for the greater worlds.

Wear comfortable clothes to move in (and sit on the floor in) that also feels fun and a bit dressy! You do not need to show your belly. I suggest yoga leggings with a long skirt or sarong on top.

Blessed Be!