Dance the Dark Lover


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For women with no-to-pro dance experience
SUNDAY April 7
2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Doors close at 2:45pm – You will not be able to join after 2:45pm
$25 online (online sales end on April 6) or $35 at the door/day of event
No refunds
Manhattan – Location given upon registering
Dance the Dark Lover is a blind date with the Mystery.
Every dance is a different journey to celebrate and cultivate our most sacred and complicated relationship – the one between our eternal Self and our woman self.
This is profound self care of body, mind, emotions and soul.
In this Ecstatic Healing event for women, we use the potent shamanic vocabulary of Bellydance and the clearing energies of the New Moon to shake us free from unnecessary tensions in our thoughts, bodies and emotions to release them from their hold on our lives.
After we have released what no longer serves, we fire up our breath, will and imaginations to invite the veils of the mundane to part and welcome our Dark Lover to dance with us.
The Dark Lover is an imaginal being that’s been in the shadows longing to connect with you. By dancing with this Beloved, we enter into a transformational healing relationship with hidden aspects of self and awaken to fantastical archetypes that illuminate, enrich and bless our lives.
We will end the practice with some deep rejuvenating rest and then draw our Dark Lovers.
Please remember Sunday trains can be slow and plan to arrive on time. Location is given upon registering (in Manhattan).