December Online Deep Dive


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Bellydance Magick ~ Emotional Transmutation ~ Sexy Exercise ~ Delightful Dark Shadow work

Online Monthlong Class to Nurture Your Perfect Body
& Support Our Healthiest Holiday Season Ever!

December Special $80 for the month ~ 13 Recorded classes ~ PLUS Live Q & A with Tara



Classes are recorded so you can practice at your pleasure.

As much as possible please join at the class times for access to the live Q & A with Tara.

Our female bodies are portals into the Mystery ! For women with no-to-pro dance experience

Sensual Embodied Awakening Bellydance (SEA Bellydance) is an invitation to dive into the depths of a living SEA of love through the powerful shamanic roots of bellydance.

This is not a typical dance class.

We start with various ecstatic movement meditations and visualizations to empower our breath, will and imaginations.

We dance the simple Sacred Shapes of bellydance to raise our vibrational intelligence to release tensions and rejuvenate. The Sacred Shapes of Bellydance awaken different aspects of life force energies and are similar to energy cultivation practices such as tai chi or yoga.

SEA Bellydance classes are based that you have the perfect body now! That the circumstances of your life has resulted in the body that you have right now.

We want to thank and bless our past for delivering us into this very moment.

All the flops and so called failures, all the pints of Ben & Jerry’s, all the time spent binge watching Netflix, are the rich soil that needs TLC to birth even better expressions of who we can be in the world.

We did our best with what was available and now we get to nurture more life enhancing practices.

From this deep embrace of NOW, we can dance ourselves into ever more radiant expressions.

SEA Bellydance explores movement to embody our shadow and find the power hiding in the dark.

We dance our emotions to fully integrate our bumpy lives. The ups and the downs.

SEA Bellydance also cultivates ourselves as the Mystery to welcome the ecstasy that is our birthright to flow through our veins like ambrosia.

Let’s embrace our perfect bodies together and nurture the Mystery that lives and breathes as You!

Dance and celebrate NOW!


Anchoring As the Mystery 

The Seductress

Kali & co 

The Slut

Drama Queen


Reclaiming Erotic Innocence

The Syren of the SEA 

Plus SEA Bellydance technique



Wear comfortable clothes to move in that also feels fun and a bit dressy! You do not need to show your belly.


Please refrain from alcohol, too much caffeine (you know your limits!) and other intoxicants.

It will be a delight to dance with You!




~ What Women Are Saying about Deep Dive ~

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your teachings and your being. Every day I am dancing to your videos as a new me wants to be born. I am awakening every day more and more.”
“When we got to the lying down section of the dance, I was surprised to hear an inner voice of “shouldn’t do this, its wrong!” I’m so pleased that conditioning surfaced then to work with. In the dance I shook out some shame of, and from, my yoni and my breasts for being, existing, having sensations… It felt good to be very intentional and real with it… I’m journeying to have my woman body back.”

Bellydance: Ancient Roots and Modern Miracles
Bellydance is one of the oldest sacred dance practices in the world. Today it is most often seen as entertainment, exercise, an expression of ethnic traditions and a creative modality for emerging new art.

Bellydance also offers a potent spiritual path infused with sensuality, beauty, depth and transformation.

At its core bellydance is a celebration of the creative principle. In ancient times, the feminine form was recognized to be the embodiment of the giver of life and bellydance was a way of honoring and evoking the creative force of the universe!