Syren Soup


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Welcome to Wild Medicine for Wild Times

Syren Soup!

Emotional Release & Alchemy
Mystical Medicine
Deep Witnessing
Conscious Play
& Support for Shaken Syrens

Saturdays 10:30 – 11:30 am EST

Event door closes at 10:35am EST

If you make a reservation later than 9am EST on the Saturday, I can’t guarantee you’ll get the joining details in time.

You will be able to use your purchase for the following Saturday.


This circle is for women who have worked with me already in the past. Please contact me directly if you would like to join and we can have a video chat! xo Tara

Syren Soup is a weekly meet
for you to feel your feelings and transform raw emotions into the passion and power fuel for your life.It’s an intentional online gathering that I feel will meet many of our needs for consciousness raising, body based wisdom, animal honoring and the paradigm busting healing filled with whimsy, magic and delight that these wild times are demanding.Syren Soup is the metaphorical witch’s cauldron where poison is transformed into medicine.

For centuries emotions have been suppressed, because they are wildly powerful and potentially dangerous. They can move mountains and shake us out of slumber into passionate action. They can be devastatingly destructive.

Raw emotions are not our enemy. They are our allies. They are messengers from our souls singing for change.

Emotions are our animal intelligence rising to clear stagnant energy channels and our bodies of accumulated goop. Personal, cultural and ancestral… goop.

We’ve been trained to judge emotions. Especially as spiritual women, we’ve been taught to push them down and deny them. In so doing, they turn into self-attack, dis-ease and numbness. More goop.

And yet if we allow raw emotions to boss us around, or get so stuck into their teeny tiny point of view, or stay invested their never-ending limiting stories, we’re not operating at our most radiant potential.

Enter the Witch. Wink!

Many of you already know you can shape reality. Some of you have inklings of your power to influence. This bending or shaping of worlds is what I call Witching.

Some people also call this emotional alchemy.

Syren Soup is a cauldron of compassionate witnessing, community support, some dashes of Drama Queen, splashes of Bad Girl & gritty Goddesses of the Shadows, soul soothing emotional release and profound anchoring as the Mystery.

We shall WITCH poison goop into PASSION.

Passion for your life. To invoke change. To get a raise during a recession. To get your kids to listen. To have a delightful experience of aliveness, to shine,  regardless of what is going on in the world.

And from this deeply resourced space, we birth the world into Her next wave, as our current paradigm releases its grip on culture.

Syren Soup is a Come As You Are Party.

Be ugly, sunny, frumpy, lost, disconnected, sad, angry or whatever.

We aren’t going to fix you, because you are not broken. You are Love’s Own Daughter and have always been.

We are just going to have some fun with feelings, shake off goop and polish the mirror so we see our radiant reflections.

These wild times call for some wild witching.

These calls are NOT recorded. You are required to have your video ON.


  • Group practices of cathartic sound, movement and visualizations
  • Individual attention for any who desires the focus of the circle
  • Mystical medicine that call upon the power of breath, will and our imaginations

I look forward to steeping in Syren Soup with you!Write me if you have any questions.

Love, Tara