Sensual Embodied Awakening Sessions with Tara

In SEA Sessions I will guide you to tap into your inner genius: the life force energy, also known as kundalini, while holding a safe space as your higher expressions awaken!
In my experience, awakening doesn’t happen in some predictable linear path.
It’s more like a blossoming flower, with one petal ready to open that then allows the next, and then the next. In a fascinating, seemingly random and unique way, that is perfect for each woman.
It doesn’t work to force and try to pull the petals open.
And it doesn’t work to try to hide from the sun and pretend you aren’t the glorious woman you are destined to be!
Awakening is natural and is already happening.
We just need to release unnecessary habits, get out of our own way and wiggle into the highest wave!
We all walk around with unconscious habits that steal our precious energy.
Whether it's a rough childhood, or the oppression and prejudice that our grandma's grandma lived through, or the way our current culture forces women to be and behave, it's all in us.
In a SEA Session there's room for what needs to bubble up, to be held and witnessed with love and compassion.
But a SEA Session isn't therapy, it is AWAKENING.
Our focus is on consciously cultivating and more fully embodying the already present, radiant, blissful wave of existence, the big YUM, a contentment that is unshakeable. And then being available for how our bodies, mind and emotions naturally unravel unnecessary habits that are blocking this flow.
Yet we don't deny anything that bubbles up.
Nature, and we as women are also nature, doesn't throw anything away. She naturally RECYCLES!
Our tears, our rage, our sexiness, our wildness, our little girl, our batshit crazy lady in the attic, our ups and downs of life, are not pushed into shame or denial. They are integrated and digested into the bigger love and compassion that can embrace all.
And we recognize that this bigger love and compassion that embraces all, is actually us!
We figuratively make love to ourselves, as our highest Self.
This is a tantric path.
In Tantra, we believe that Heaven is on the Earth. Everything in the universe is part of us. And we also are part of everything in the universe.

If you follow anything far enough in the universe, it will eventually lead to light.

Once embraced, all the habits open as potential sources of energy and powerful expressions of a passionate personality once we are no longer enslaved by their habitual patterns.
So in a SEA Session, we don't want to be so focussed on "the crap" that we miss an opportunity to be swept into a miraculous love that transcends all perceived limitations.
SEA Sessions combine the most current advances in healing: neuro-plasticity, epigenetics, emotional release, somatic experiencing, women's wisdom, shamanic clearings & empowerments, sound healing, art, movement, meditation and authentic expression.
A safe, grounded and energetically charged space is held for spontaneous transformational embodied awakening.
It is a delight and honor to support your awakening.
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In person sessions are $250/ 80 minutes
Receive a $50 discount when you book 3 sessions = $700
Online sessions are $180/ 60 minutes
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What Women Are Saying About SEA Sessions

Tara’s work is magic. She’s so sensitive and attentive. Just her attention is healing. I felt so seen and honored. There’s this amazing thing that happens, like a door opens into a shimmery world. I’ve had waves of energy coursing through me and the room feels alive. Tara is like having a fairy godmother, but she’s so down to earth and funny too!
S.P. – U.K
SEA Sessions have helped me with my anxiety. I have space now between feeling a feeling of anxiety and not being defined or bullied by the feelings. It’s so freeing! Like knowing that the sun is always shining, even when there’s clouds. 
P.H. – USA
I’ve done a lot of yoga and I just felt like the feminine was missing with it and in my life in general. (With SEA Sessions…) something wild, alive, sexy, fierce, tender and sacred is given full access and I’ve found places of bliss and ecstasy I never knew possible with my clothes on! LOL!
Tara is the real deal and SEA Sessions is like Goddess therapy. 
M.N. – USA