Be the Temple

Bellydance Ecstatic Awakening

Healing Arts Collective 2018

Welcome to the magic, mystery and enchantment of SEA Bellydance

This is not a typical dance class.

Be the Temple is a re-visioning of the mystical healing temples of old, where abiding in the blessed enchanted world and relating as our highest selves can soothe our hearts and lift our spirits.

We will start with some stretching and a relaxed inquiry into the deep well of wisdom that lives and breathes as the Body Temple. With sensitive guidance and inspired narrative, Tara will invite you through mystical doorways that we will hold open with our intention for the imaginal realms to appear.

We will explore the simple Sacred Shapes of bellydance to raise our vibrational intelligence to release tensions and rejuvenate.

The Sacred Shapes of Bellydance awaken different aspects of the universal energies and are similar to energy cultivation practices such as chi gung, tai chi or yoga. You will feel those energies rise up from inside the depths of your own being and together we will discover how these potent shapes hold those energies between us.

Sunday September 16
1:00 to 3:00 pm
Healing Arts Collective
519 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143
$20 / advance purchase
$25 / at the door

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This work is sacred and so please think about how you can arrive that will honor your own sense of divinity.

Come comfortable, fresh, free and in a spirit of welcoming the highest potentials for yourself, each other and the greater worlds.

What To Expect

Be the Temple is participatory and interactive. We will be sharing conscious dialogue, healing touch (i.e. shoulder massage) and simple movement and dance.

Wear comfortable clothes to move in (and sit on the floor in) that also feels fun and a bit dressy! You do not need to show your belly. I suggest yoga leggings with a long skirt or sarong on top.

For this special event, all women are welcome. No experience necessary, only the desire to reconnect with your deepest self, and to explore the Mystery, and share with others in an intentional circle of spiritual intimacy, trust, and support.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: There will be incense and aromatherapy oils used. We will also periodically be sitting cross-legged on floor cushions.

What Women Are Saying About Be the Temple

I tapped into something beyond my self; Spirit came rushing through! For someone in her head this was perfect medicine. Be the Temple connected me into my body and emotional centers. It was bittersweet because I realized how I’d been treating my body, but so valuable! I experienced facets of mystique that I don’t get to be in my normal life and accessed a primal, archetypal, feminine principle that was powerful, safe and grounded in my body. 
J.F. – Scotland

Tara held Be the Temple with impeccability. As soon as we started I felt, “She’s got this…” So I could relax and feel free to explore what was being offered. I tapped into new earthy depths of pure pleasure. So much expansion. Clearing away. Making space. What a surprise!
T.M. – Canada

So much energy was moving, that we weren’t controlling, but we were not out of control. It happened very gently. It wasn’t overwhelming, even though awesome and powerful. I left grounded, more enlivened in my body, more in myself and I remember carrying around this experience with me when I was walking around afterwards. I can feel it now. It was such a positive experience. 
A.M. – USA

Ancient Roots

Bellydance is one of the oldest sacred dance practices in the world. Today it is most often seen as entertainment, exercise, an expression of ethnic traditions and a creative modality for emerging new art. Bellydance is also a potent spiritual practice infused with sensuality, beauty, depth and transformation.

At its core bellydance is a celebration of the creative principle. In ancient times, the feminine form was recognized to be the embodiment of the giver of life and bellydance was a way of honoring and evoking the creative force of the universe. 

Modern Miracles

The intention is to be available for the Mystery beyond the veils of illusion to dance us. Our hearts long for the world we deeply know is possible and often have glimmers in mystical experiences.

With SEA Bellydance we co-create a sustained dive into some of the highest possibilities available. We will embody the ecstatic union and dance as the Source before the primordial unity with nature was split. You will feel the power of the Mystery evoked through the dance and you will find yourself swimming in the currents of life that animate the world.

More about Tara Star

As a performer, Tara Star bellydanced in 5-star venues in exotic Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and India, performing for royalty, heads of state, weddings, TV shows and celebrities for over 11 years. She has also taught numerous workshops and festivals worldwide. Even more