Who’s Running You?

Who’s the hidden slave driver we serve… every fricking day?

Tick. Tick. Tick.


Alarm clock.

Check your watch.

Get kids to school on time.

Get to work on time.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Next train in 15 (OMG I’m going to be late!) minutes.

Errands on lunch break.

Meeting running over time.

“Sorry I can’t make it to your Birthday – too jammed.”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Catch that train home.

Check your phone for tomorrow’s meetings.

“I don’t have time today.”


And then because we’ve been time’s bitch all day and we are craving some escape, we flop and watch 3 hours of Netflix…

Time does fly by and Netflix’ might not be what you really need for your soul.

Spending time out of time, in deep and profound ecstatic intentional spaces is soul food.

Time outside of time is soul food for Syrens of the SEA

We need this as much as we need air, water and actual food.

It is my delight to offer spaces of sacred awakening, where as a group we hold the intention for the blessings of timelessness to pour through.

Through Bellydance. Delightful visualizations. Firery realizations.

And a space for passion, sometimes quiet, sometimes wild, to come blazing through.

We slip out of the clutches of mundane time into energy timelessness. To swim in the blessed healing waters of infinite energy.

A huge “Ahhhhhh!” for our hungry souls.

Don’t worry, we still finish the classes, on time.

There’s always some fun dives available. Please let me know if you are curious about Sensual Embodied Awakening.

Welcome to a Spiritual Path that LOVES women!

Love, Tara Dancer

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